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3616 HDX

SecureMax 3616 HDX

Outside Dimensions

41.25" High x 21.25" Wide x 22.75" Deep (Add 2" for Handle)

Inside Dimensions

36" High x 16" Wide x 13.5" Deep

Volume 4.5 Cubic Feet

Weight 970lbs



Burglary Resistant - Reinforced body structure with super alloy manganese plating on strategic drill points. The SecureMax HDX is Solidified with a Composite High Strength Blend of Concrete.

Glass Plate Re-Locker - Not One but Two Re-lockers to Protect Your Valuables.

Fire Resistant - Withstanding temperatures up to 1850 degrees, the SecureMax HDX carries a manufacturer tested 350 degree. Two Hour Fire Rating.

4 Way Locking Bolts- Hardened steel side bolts, chrome fixed bolts, and the all
important top and bottom locking steel bolts, a feature hard to find on most home safes.

Lock - LG Basic High Security Electronic Keypad comes standard with every SecureMax Safe.
User-Friendly operations with a six digit private code

Bolt Work - Massive 1.5 inch hardened steel side bolts.

Safe Door - Overall Thickness 4.5 inches.

Safe Body - Overall thickness 2.5 inches.

Door Hardware - Tri-Spoke turn handle.

Bolt Down - Safe equipped with anchor holes for installation.

Storage - Adjustable shelves standard