A Family Tradition Since 1904
A Family Tradition Since 1904
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Browning Deluxe

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Mix top-notch security, fire protection and appearance with excellent value and you have the Deluxe. Deluxe safes use uncompromising construction techniques for increased security and a finish quality that rivals more expensive safes. MAX Locking Bolts and a reinforced door frame provide superior pry resistance. Pry-Stop End Bolts at the top and bottom of the door side secure the critical door corners from pry attack. Exquisitely painted, pinstriped and accented with chrome hardware, a Deluxe is the ideal safe to protect your valuables.

The Browning Deluxe line of safes offer a full deck of fire protection, security and interior convenience features. The highly customization Axis Adjustable Interior is equipped to securely store 29 long guns, with room to spare for your other valuables.The exterior of the Browning DLX26 is a mere 25″ deep to reduce its projection into a room. It’s handsome finish, however, makes it difficult to overlook.

Securely store as many as 43 long guns in the Browning Pro Series  Deluxe 37 Wide. The Browning DLX37 is the second largest safe in the Deluxe line and features a spacious and modular interior that is ready to hold your growing collection of long guns and, with the versatile Axis interior, all of your most important valuables.Don’t let the size of the Browning DLX37 intimidate, the exterior dimensions are designed to take up wall space instead of floor space to create a less obtrusive footprint that can be easily accommodated in just about any living space in your home.

From fire protection to security to paint, the Deluxe line of safes is, well, deluxe in every way. The Browning DLX45 is the largest model in the Deluxe line. This Tall Wide safe is extra spacious with room to store up to 43 long guns, including extra long rifles. Space for handguns and valuables is readily optimized with the unmatched Axis Adjustable Interior. The tall interior of the Browning DLX45 will accommodate larger guns – such as .50 caliber long range rifles.

If your gun collection is already big, or you want space for a growing collection, the Browning DLX45 is the largest safe in the Deluxe line. Classified as an Extra Wide safe, the cavernous interior can swallow up to 59 long guns, while the Axis interior makes all of your other valuables and handguns simple to organize and locate.Make no mistake, this is a BIG safe. The exterior dimensions, however, are designed to take up space along the wall instead of projecting into the room. This makes the Browning DLX45 less noticeable, despite it’s top-notch finish quality.


Browning Deluxe Gun Safes | Model DLX26, DLX37, DLX45, DLX59