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Original Enforcer

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The Original Enforcer has been equipped with protection features like no other home safe. The Original Enforcer was designed by high security safe engineers.

Every Enforcer safe is lined with the powerful fire resistant and eco-friendly material Perlite, which is proven to withstand intence heat while insulating cooler temperatures.

The Original Enforcer is available in six different sizes.

The Model 1212 Enforcer gives you 1 cubic foot capacity. The next size up is the Model 1612 Enforcer which has a capacity of 1.4 cubic feet. For more capacity The Model 1814 Enforcer has 2.18 cubic feet of volume. The Model 2414 is the most popular size with 3.02 cubic feet capacity. Fore even more space the Model 3616 Enforcer gives you 5 cubic feet of storage. For those who need larger there is the Model 5216 Enforcer which provides 8.18 cubic feet of storage space.

A safe far ahead of its time, The Enforcer by Original is the highest quality economical safe available.


Original Enforcer BF One Hour Fire Safes | Model 1212, 1612, 1814, 2414, 3616, 5216