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High Security Safes

SecureMax UL Listed TL30-X6

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SecureMax UL Listed TL30

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By industry standards, high security safes are those that carry the TL15, TL30, TL30x6, TRTL-15x6, TRTL-30x6 or TRTL-60x6 ratings:

TL-15 safes successfully resist entry for a net working time of 15 minutes when attacked with ordinary hand tools, picking tools, mechanical or portable electric tools, grinding points, carbide drills and pressure applying devices.
TL-30 safes possess the same properties except that net working time is 30 minutes.
TL-30x6 safes are the same as TL-30s except the resistance properties apply to all six sides of the safe.
TRTL-15x6 safes are resistant to tools and torches on all six sides. The net working time before a side is breached is 15 minutes.
TRTL-30x6 safes have the same features as TRTL-15x6 except the net working time is 30 minutes.
TRTL-60x6 safes take two times longer to breach than TRTL-30x6 safes.
Because of their high resistance to entry, safes bearing the ratings above are ideal commercial safes for keeping merchandise, cash, and/or important documents from burglary and fires.