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A Family Tradition Since 1904
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Double Door John Tann Jewelers Mark IX TRTL30X6 Equivalent High Security Safe
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  • This John Tann is a special edition, one of a kind safe that unites the power of having 2 separate safes but, conveniently brings them together as 1 Double Door Safe.
  • Both Safes are independently Equivalent to TRTL30X6 High Security Rating: This John Tann Jewelers Mark IX Safe can potentially insures up to $5 Million+
  • Inside Dimensions for Both Left Side Storage & Right Side Storage (inches): 51” High x 21” Wide x 16” Deep
  • Outside Dimensions(inches): 60” High x 55½” Wide x 28” Deep
  • Each Safe Door Equipped with Two Locks: High Security Combination Lock & High Security Key Lock
  • Overall Cubic Feet: 19.84 Total - 9.92 Cubic FeetEach Side for Storage
  • Weight: 7,760 lbs.