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High Security Safes

By industry standards, high security safes are those that carry the TL15, TL30, TL30x6, TRTL-15×6, TRTL-30×6 or TRTL-60×6 ratings:

TL-15 safes successfully resist entry for a net working time of 15 minutes when attacked with ordinary hand tools, picking tools, mechanical or portable electric tools, grinding points, carbide drills and pressure applying devices.
TL-30 safes possess the same properties except that net working time is 30 minutes.
TL-30×6 safes are the same as TL-30s except the resistance properties apply to all six sides of the safe.
TRTL-15×6 safes are resistant to tools and torches on all six sides. The net working time before a side is breached is 15 minutes.
TRTL-30×6 safes have the same features as TRTL-15×6 except the net working time is 30 minutes.
TRTL-60×6 safes take two times longer to breach than TRTL-30×6 safes.
Because of their high resistance to entry, safes bearing the ratings above are ideal commercial safes for keeping merchandise, cash, and/or important documents from burglary and fires.

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TSS Defender TL-30X6
Category:High Security Safes

Defender UL Listed TL30x6 Six Sided Composite Burglary Tool Resistant plus Fire Protection

Two Hour 350 degree factory fire rating. Tested at a temperature of 1800 degrees F for a period of 2 hours and the interior temperature did not exceed 350 degrees F
Six Sided protection against concentrated attacks with mechanical and electric tools.
Door and body barrier at a thickness of 3.54"
Locks: UL group 2 combination lock.
3 way active bolt work with a locking mechanism with a glass plate which protects the core against drilling from all sides.

Available Defender TL30x6 Models

Model ID Height ID Width ID Depth OD Height OD Width OD Depth Volume Shelves Weight
251816 25 18 16 32 25 28 4.2 1251
342020 34 20 20 41 27 32 7.85 1914
452020 45 20 20 52 27 32 10.3 2458
552020 55 20 20 62 27 32 12.6 2841
552420 55 24 20 62 31 32 15.3 3490
652820 65 28 20 72 35 32 21 3950