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A Family Tradition Since 1904
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Browning Grand

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Browning Grand 48
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Grand 48 Tall Wide
Extra wide size safe
48 cubic feet
65 long gun capacity
9 locking bolts
Dimensions 60x55x25

The Browning GR26 is the smallest safe in the Grand line, but still readily swallows as many as 29 long guns. The patented Axis Adjustable Shelving is easy to adjust and fully customization to fit a plethora of your handguns and other valuables.Built with an external depth measurement of 25″, the Browning Grand 26 is built to project minimally into the room in which it resides. It tucks neatly against a wall to fit in near any space in your home.

The wide Browning GR37 is the second largest model in the Grand line. Spacious, with a modular Axis interior that readily adapts to your needs, the Browning GR37 will accommodate up to 43 long guns.

The Browning GR48 is the largest safe in the Grand line, equipped to securely store up to 65 long guns. The massive interior  features Axis Adjustable Shelving which gives you virtually limitless options to store handguns and a huge number of valuables.The exterior of the Browning GR48 is a mere 25″ from rear to front, creating a less obtrusive footprint that can be easily accommodated in just about any living space in your home.


Browning Grand Gun Safes | Model GR26, GR37, GR48