A Family Tradition Since 1904
A Family Tradition Since 1904
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Used 3020 Quantum TL15 High Security Safe
Category:Temporarily Out of Stock

  • UL TL15 High Security Rating: Potentially insures up to $100,000
  • What does UL TL15 stand for? - A UL Rated TL 15 Safe like this Quantum is defined as a combination locked safe that has been tested by Underwriter's Laboratories to resist a powerful tool attack from UL's own safecrackers for a total "tool time" of 15 minutes (actual time the tools touch the safe, doesn't include set up or rest).  Tools such as power drills, grinders, sledgehammers, picking tools, electric and mechanical tools, power cutters, and more are used in UL's tests.
  • Fire Rating: Composite construction provides 1 Hour of Fire Protection in intense heat up to 1,850 Degrees.  The fire resistant material in this Quantum is a unique high density concrete blend.
  • Inside Dimensions(inches): 30” High x 20” Wide x 20" Deep
  • Outside Dimensions(inches): 36½” High x 26¼” Wide x 28¾" Deep
  • Locking Mechanism: 1 High Security Combination Lock
  • Interior Cubic Feet: 7
  • Overall Safe Weight: 1,433 lbs.